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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Cunning/Durlacher engagement

_. The engagement was announced 23 September, 2017, between Matthew R. Cunning, younger son of Mr & Mrs Leslie Cunning, of Calgary, Canada, & Susanna Mary Durlacher (born 1982), younger daughter of Mr William Durlacher, of Langham, Essex, by his wife the former Elizabeth Mary Allhusen (b 1952), scion of that landed family, of Chevenix-Trench descent, &c.


Buxton/Babington engagement

__. The engagement was announced 23 September, 2017, between Christopher John Noel Buxton (born 1988), scion of the Barons Noel-Buxton, son of the Hon Simon Campden Buxton (1943), of Tormarton, Gloucestershire, by his wife the former Alison D. Liddle, & Margaret B. Babington, daughter of Mr & Mrs Joseph Babington, of Mobile, Alabama.


Arabella Olive Ponsonby (born 2017)

__. Joanna L. Ponsonby (nee Hunt), wife of Arthur Ashley Ponsonby (born 15 Sept, 1984), scion of the Ponsonby baronets (Bt UK, cr 1956), gave birth to a daughter, Arabella Olive, 21 September, 2017.

Arthur Ponsonby is the son and heir of Sir Charles Ashley Ponsonby, 3rd Baronet (b 10 June, 1951), of Woodstock, co Oxford, by his wife the former ,Mary Priscilla Bromley Davenport.

Joanna Ponsonby is a daughter of Mr Thomas Hunt, of Lowdham, co Nottingham, & Mrs Alan Stokoe, of Hexham, Northumberland.

Hon Stella Beatrice Grace Wallop (born 2017)

___Flora Wallop, styled Viscountess Lymington (nee Pownall), wife of Oliver Henry Rufus Wallop, styled Viscount Lymington (born 22 Dec, 1981), scion of the Earls of Portsmouth (Earl, GB, cr 1743), gave birth to a daughter, the Hon Stella Beatrice Grace Wallop, 14 September, 2017.

Viscount Lymington is the only son and heir of the 10th Earl of Portsmouth (b 25 July, 1954), of Farleigh Wallop, Hampshire, by his first wife, the former Candida Frances Juliet McWilliam (now Mrs Candida Dinshaw, of Edinburgh).

Flora Lymington is the second daughter of Mr George Pownall, of London, by his wife the former Elfreda Wadsworth.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Mountain/Pratt engagement

_. The engagement was announced 22 September, 2017, between Captain Thomas Denis Edward Mountain, The Blues & Royals (b 14 Aug, 1989), scion of the Mountain baronets, eldest son and heir of Sir Edward Mountain, 4th Baronet (b 19 March, 1961), of Delfur Lodge, Moray, by his wife the former Charlotte Sarah Jesson Pownall, & Bethany Amy Margaret Pratt (b 1987), daughter of Mr Marcus Pratt, of Brighton, West Sussex, by his late wife the former Ruth Blake.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Harry Byatt: son of one of Diana's Ladies in Waiting dies at 19

_. Harry Byatt, who died 6 August, 2017, whilst underwater swimming in Greece, aged 19, was the son of a Lady-in-Waiting to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Harry was the son of Duncan Ian Arthur Campbell Byatt (b 1962), by his wife the former Alexandra Mary Loyd (b 1961), a friend of Diana, Princess of Wales, and one of her ladies in waiting. Harry's maternal grandfather, Sir Julian Loyd, KCVO, of that landed family, was land agent to Her Majesty the Queen at Sandringham, 1964-91.

Alexandra Byatt was an extra Lady in Waiting 1986-91, then Lady-in-Waiting 1991-97.

There will be a memorial service in Scotland on Friday 6 Oct, 2017, at Leargnahension Church, Carse, and a service of thanksgiving in London at St Luke's Church, Ramsden Rd, SW12, on Wednesday 8 November, 2017.


The 4th Baron Cochrane of Cults 1926-2017

_. The 4th Baron Cochrane of Cults died at his home, 11 September, 2017, aged 90.

Ralph Henry Vere Cochrane was born 20 Sept, 1926, a younger son of the 2nd Baron Cochrane of Cults (1883-1968), by his wife the former Hon Elin Douglas-Pennant (d 1934), fifth daughter of the 2nd Baron Penrhyn; married 18 Dec, 1956, Janet Mary Watson Cheyne, daughter of William Hunter Watson Cheyne, by whom he had issue, two sons.

He succeeded to the barony (cr 1919), on the demise of his elder brother, the 3rd peer, 15 June, 1990.

Lord Cochrane of Cults is survived by his wife, two sons, Thomas and Michael, and two grandchildren, Katherine and Edward.

The peerage now devolves upon his elder son, Thomas, who was born 7 Sept, 1957.

The funeral is at Cults Kirk, Pitlessie, 5 Oct, 2017.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Florence Lucy Heathcoat Amory (born 2017)

_. Lucy Heathcoat Amory (nee Reid), wife of Simon Charles Heathcoat Amory (b 1982), scion of the Heathcoat Amory Baronets (Baronet, UK, cr 1874), gave birth to a third child, a daughter, Florence Lucy, 9 September, 2017, a sister for Arthur and George.

Simon is the elder son of Charles William Heathcoat Amory (b 1945), of South Molton, Devon, and Mrs Harmony Joanna Heathcoat Amory (nee Lyell), of Wylye, Wiltshire, and Lucy Heathcoat Amory is the elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Richard Reid, of Harpenden, Hertfordshire.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Rufus Hugh Grenville Cazalet (born 2017)

_. Rowena Cazalet [nee Jones], wife of Peter Thomas Grenville Cazalet [born 1987], scion of that landed gentry family, gave birth to a son, Rufus Hugh Grenville, 24 August, 2017.

Peter Cazalet is a son of Peter Charles Grenville Cazalet [b 1959], by his wife the former Victoria Jane Perry.

Rowena is a daughter of Dr & Mrs Barry Jones, of Lower Swell, Somerset.


Redmayne/Fane engagement

__. The engagement was announced 18 September, 2017, between Thomas Leo (Tom) Redmayne (born 1987), younger son of Richard Charles Tunstall Redmayne, of Chelsea, London, by his wife the former Patricia A. Burke, & Helena Evelyn Cecily (Nell) Fane (born 1989), scion of the Earls of Westmorland, younger daughter of Mr Edward Hugh Reynardson Fane (born 1957), of Ashley, Hampshire, by his wife the former Suki Serena Mitchell.

Tom Redmayne is a younger brother of the Oscar winning actor Eddie Redmayne.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sir Christopher Royden, 5th Baronet 1937-2017

_, Sir Christopher Royden, 5th Baronet, died 11 September, 2017. He was 80.

Christopher John Royden was born 26 February, 1937, and succeeded his father, Sir John Ledward Royden, in 1976. Married in 1961, Diana Bridget, the only daughter of Lt-Colonel Joseph Henry Goodhart, MC, by whom he had issue, two sons and a daughter. The baronetcy now passes to his elder son, John Michael Joseph, who was born 17 March, 1965.

A service of thanksgiving takes place at St Mary's Church, Bibury, Gloucestershire, 29 September, 2017.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

McColl/Callander engagement

__. The engagement was announced 13 September, 2017, between Robbie T.C. McColl, son of General Sir John and Lady McColl, of Middle Woodford, Wiltshire, & Alice V. Callander, daughter of the late Maj (John) Henry Burn Callander, 9th of Prestonhall (1948-2010), of that landed family, by his wife the former Jacqueline Hulda Crocker.


MacColl/Jeffreys engagement

_. The engagement was announced 13 September, 2017, between George C.A. MacColl, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Christopher MacColl, of Holybourne, Hampshire, & the Hon Alice Mary Jeffreys (born 1986), scion of the Barons Jeffreys, only daughter of the 3rd Baron Jeffreys (born 1957), of Sproxton, Leicestershire, by his wife the former Anne Elizabeth Denarie.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Montagu-Pollock/Matheson engagement

_. The engagement was announced 12 September, 2017, between Archer William Montagu-Pollock (born 1986), scion of the Montagu-Pollock baronets, second son of Jonathan David Montagu-Pollock (born 1947), of Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire, by his wife the former Deirdre Clare Binding, and Louisa Alexandra Matilda Matheson (born 1989), scion of the Matheson baronets, daughter of Lt-Col Sir Alexander Matheson, 8th Baronet (b 26 Aug 1954), of Brightwalton, Berkshire, by his wife the former Katharine Davina Mary Oswald (descended from the Marquesses of Exeter).


Jonkheer Anthony James Hugo Loudon 1966-2017

_. Jonkheer Anthony James Hugo Loudon, who died suddenly, 6 September, 2017, at Tichborne House, aged 51, was descended from the Doughty-Tichborne baronets.

He was born 10 June, 1966, son of Jonkheer John Louson by his wife the former Anne Denise Doughty-Tichborne (b 3 March, 1938), daughter of the 14th baronet; married Catherine Blair, by whom he had issue, three children, Ella, Jamie and Nina.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cobb/Ferguson marriage

__. The marriage took place ___ September, 2017, at Dummer, Hampshire between Harry Timothy Cobb (b 1985), descended from the Holland-Martin landed family, son of Mr Timothy B Cobb, of Bothampstead, Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire, by his wife the former Emma Rose Holland-Martin (b 5 Sep 1953), & Eliza C.A. Ferguson (b 1986), descended from the Dukes of Buccleuch & Queensberry etc, daughter of the late Maj Ronald Ivor Ferguson, by his second wife the former Susan Rosemary Deptford (now Lady Swinburn, of Dummer Down, Hampshire).
Eliza Ferguson is a half-sister of Sarah Duchess of York. The duchess and Princess Beatrice of York were present at the marriage.


Saturday, September 09, 2017

Hon Alexander David James Mackay (b 2017)

_.Rebecca M Mackay, styled Viscountess Glenapp, wife of Fergus James Keith Mackay, styled Viscount Glenapp (b 9 Jul 1979) scion of the Earls of Inchcape (Earl, UK, cr 1929), gave birth to a son and heir, Alexander David James, 19 August, 2017, a brother for the Hon Leonora Georgina Frances Mackay, who was b 8 August,. 2015.

Viscount Glenapp is the son and heir of the 4th Earl of Inchcape (b 1943), and Countess of Inchcape, of Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire. Viscountess Glenapp is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Jackson, of Cottisford, Northamptonshire. 


Friday, September 08, 2017

Alexander Mungo Warrender (born 2017)

_. Laura Yseulte Warrender (born 1988, nee Buchan), wife of Jonathan Hew (Jack) Warrender (born 1985), scion of the Barons Bruntisfield, gave birth to a son, Alexander Mungo, at Glasgow, 3 September, 2017.

Jack Warrender is a son of Hon Jonathan James WARRENDER (b 1954, s of 2nd Baron BRUNTISFIELD (1921-2007)) and Fiona Mary LAING (b 1954), scion of the STAIR earls, etc.

Laura Warrender is a dau of Hon Charles Walter Edward Ralph BUCHAN (b 1951, s of 3rd Baron TWEEDSMUIR (1916-2008)) and Fiona Jane (b 1953 reg Q4 Staffordshire) d of Capt Edmund Paul CARLISLE (b 1922 reg Q3 Cheshire) of Pentyrwrlodd and Rosemary Elizabeth Annabel THURSBY-PELHAM (1923-2013), scion of that gentry family formerly of Danyrallt.


Hon William Fox Ramsay (born 2017)

_. Kaitlin Marie, Lady Ramsay, wife of Simon David Ramsay, syled Lord Ramsay (born 1981), scion of the Earls of Dalhousie, gave birth to a son, the Hon William Fox Ramsay, 25 August, 2017.

Lord Ramsay is the son and heir of the 17th Earl of DALHOUSIE (b 1948) and Marilyn Davina (b 1950) d of Maj Sir David Henry BUTTER KCVO MC (1920-2010), sometime head of that gentry family of Pitlochry, and Myra Alice CVO (b 1925) dau of Sir Harold Augustus WERNHER (1893-1973) GCVO 3rd & last Bt and Lady (Anastasia Michailovna) Zia CBE (1892-1977) dau of the Grand Duke Michael Michailovitch of Russia (1861-1929).

Lady Ramsay is a daughter of Mr and Mrs John J. Kubinsky, Sr, of Charlotte, North Carolina.


Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Sir Anthony Evans, 2nd Baronet 1922-2017

_. Sir Anthony Evans, 2nd Baronet, died in France, 30th August, 2017, aged 95.

Anthony Adney Evans was born 5 Aug, 1922, succeeded his father, Sir Walter Harry Evans, in 1954; educ at Shrewsbury & Merton College, Oxford; married 1stly, 1948 (Div 1957), Rita Beatrice, dau of Alfred David Kettle, of Souldern, Oxon, and 2ndly, 1958, Sylvia Jean, and he leaves issue from his first marriage.


Monday, September 04, 2017

10th Duke of Richmond & Gordon 1929-2017

_. The 10th Duke of Richmond & Gordon, owner of 'Glorious Goodwood' died 1 September, 2017. He was aged 87.

The Duke, a direct descendant of King Charles II and Louise de Kerouaille, was Duke of Richmond, Duke of Lennox, Duc de Aubigny (in France), Duke of Gordon, Earl of March, Darnley and Kinrara, Baron Settrington & Lord Torbolton.

Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox was born 19 Sept, 1929, son of the 9th Duke of Richmond & Gordon (1904-89), by his wife the former Elizabeth Grace Hudson (died 1992); succeeded to the family honours on the death of his father, 2 Nov, 1989; served as Lord Lieutenant for West Sussex until his resignation in 1994; married 26 May, 1951, Susan Monica, daughter of Colonel Cecil Grenville-Grey, CBE (& descended from the Morrison-Bell baronets), by whom he had issue, and adopted daughters.

The Duke is succeeded by his only son, Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, styled Earl of March & Kinrara, who was born 8 January, 1955. The 11th Duke is married to the Hon Janet Elizabeth Astor, daughter of the 3rd Viscount Astor.


Friday, September 01, 2017

The Baroness O'Neill 1940-2017

_. The Baroness O'Neill, who died in County Antrim, 29 August, 2017, aged 76, was the wife of the 4th Baron O'Neill, sometime Lord Lieutenant of County Antrim, and was a scion of the Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry.

She was born Georgina Mary Montagu Douglas Scott, 28 Nov, 1940, elder daughter of Lord George Montagu Douglas Scott, by his wife the artist Molly Bishop, and was a granddaughter of the 7th Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry, and a niece of HRH Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, &c.

She married 10 June, 1963, Raymond Arthur Clanaboy O'Neill, 4th Baron O'Neill, KCVO, who was born 1st September, 1933, and survives her together with their three sons.

The funeral service will ne held at Drummaul Parish Church, Randalstown, on Wednesday 13 September, 2017.


Cheesbrough/Cumming-Bruce engagement

_. The engagement was announced 1 September, 2017, between Capt Thomas Cheesbrough, Royal Engineers, elder son of Mr & Mrs David Cheesbrough, of Moss, Wrexham, & the Hon Iona Tessa Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce (b 19 Oct, 1987), scion of the Barons Thurlow, elder daughter of the 9th Baron Thurlow (b 13 Apr, 1952), of Mapledurham, Co Oxford, and Killiechronan, Isle of Mull, by his wife, the former Bridget Anne Julia Cheape.


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Deedes/Poland engagement

_. The engagement was announced, 31 Aug, 2017, between George William Deedes (b 1976), scion of that landed family, son of the Hon Jeremy Wyndham Deedes (b 1943), of Compton, Berkshire, by his wife the former Anna Rosemary Gray, & Sophie V. Poland, daughter of Commander Peter Poland, RN, and the late Mrs Poland, of Constantia, South Africa.

George Deedes is a grandson of the late Lord Deedes, life Baron.


Ann Mansel (died 2017)

_ Mrs Ann Mansel, who died 29 August, 2017, aged 88, was the widow of Lt-Col (Edmund) Clavell Mansel, OBE, MC, late the Royal Artillery, and scion of the Mansel baronets.

She was the former Ann Merriman, daughter of Capt Claud Anthony Merriman, RN, of Newton House, Longparish, Hanmsphire, and married Lt-Col Mansel in 1954.

Mrs Mansel leaves issue, a son Timothy and a daughter Catherine and was predeceased by a dau, Elizabeth.

Funeral Service at St John's Church, Hindon, Wednesday 6 Sept, 2017.


Michael Hugh Warwick Bampfylde 1951-2017

_. Michael Hugh Warwick Bampfylde, late Capt Queen's Own Hussars, who died 23 August, 2017, aged 65, was a scion of the Barons Poltimore.

He was born 5 Sept, 1951, son of the Hon David Cecil Warwick Bampfylde (1924-2013), by his wife the former Jean Margaret Campbell, and was a grandson paternally of the 6th Baron Poltimore (1888-1978).

He married in 1981, Sarah Fenella, daughter of Commander Michael Edward St Quintin Wall (descended from the Barons De Mauley), by whom he had issue, Edward and Laura.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lady Caroline Mary Noel Lytton 1947-2017

_. The Lady Caroline Lytton, who died 22 August, 2017, aged 69, was a scion of the Earls of Lytton.

She was born Lady Caroline Mary Noel Lytton, 29 Dec, 1947, the eldest daughter of the 4th Earl of Lytton, OBE (1900-85), by his wife the former Clarissa Mary Palmer, and was unmarried. Lady Caroline was a silversmith.

Her siblings are John, 5th Earl of Lytton, the Hon Roland Lytton, Lady Lucy and Lady Sarah Lytton.


Stephanie Wolfe Murray 1941-2017

__. Stephanie Wolfe Murray, who died 24 June, 2017, aged 76, was the co-founder of Canongate Books.

She was born Stephanie Todd, 27 Apr 1941, daughter of Major Hadden Royden Todd (d 1945), and Mrs H.G.V. Greer; married 11 Nov, 1961, Angus Malcolm Wolfe Murray (b 20 May, 1937), scion of the Murray baronets of Blackbarony, and had issue, four sons, Kim, Rupert, Gavin and Magnus.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Capt Gerard John Hamlyn Noel 1930-2017

__. Gerard John Hamlyn Noel, late Capt, Royal Engineers, whom died 24 August, 2017, aged 86, was a scion of the Earls of Gainsborough.

He was born 8 Dec, 1930,  son of Maj Edward Francis Hamlyn Noel (1899-1953), by his wife the former Doris Marie Verrieres, and was educated at Wellington. Married 7 Sept, 1963, (Gillian) Ralphia Barrand Head, the only daughter of Walter Terence Barrand Head, by whom he had issue, a son Richard and a daughter, Victoria.

Thanksgiving Service at Holton St Mary Church, Suffolk, Friday 1 Sept, 2017.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lloyd/Elphinstone marriage

_. The marriage took place 19 August, 2017, at Cwrt Henri, Carmarthenshire, between Colonel Thomas Lloyd, DL, OBE, & Willa, Lady Elphinstone, widow of the Queen's cousin, the 18th Lord Elphinstone (1953-1994).

The bride was the former Willa Mary Gabriel Chetwode (b 25 May, 1954), scion of the Barons Chetwode, daughter Maj George David Chetwode, MBE, by his wife the former Lady Willa Eliott-Murray-Kynynmound, daughter of the 5th Earl of Minto; she married 1stly, 22 Apr, 1978, the 18th Lord Elphinstone, who died 19 Dec, 1994.

Lord Elphinstone was a grandson of the 16th Lord Elphinstone, who married Lady Mary Bowes Lyon, eldest sister of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Thomas Lloyd is the Wales Herald of Arms Extraordinary, and is a former Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Staffordshire, United Grand Lodge of England.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sir Richard Hanbury-Tenison, KCVO 1925-2017

_. Sir Richard Hanbury-Tenison, KCVO, former Lord Lieutenant of Gwent, of Clytha Park, Gwent, died 14 August, 2017. He was 92.

Richard Hanbury-Tenison was the son of Major Gerald Evan Farquhar Tenison and Ruth Julia Margarette Hanbury. He married Euphan Mary Wardlaw-Ramsay, daughter of Major Arthur Balcarres Wardlaw-Ramsay, 21st of Whitehill and of Tillicoultry and Hon. Mary Alexandra Fraser (daughter of Alexander William Frederick Fraser, 19th Lord Saltoun of Abernethy), on 12 May 1955, and leaves issue.


Milne/Sanz Abril engagement

_. The engagement was announced in Aug 2017 between Rupert John Milne (b 1986), son of Mr Christopher Milne, of Highclere, Hampshire, by his wife the former Emma Elizabeth Winnington (b 1956), scion of the Winnington baronets, & Elisa, younger dau of Senor and Senora Sanz Abril, of Valladolid, Spain.

Rupert is a nephew of Sir Anthony Winnington, 7th Baronet.


Hargreaves/Hudson engagement

_. The engagement was announced 19 Aug, 2017, between Capt Thomas H.R. Hargreaves, younger son of Mr & Mrs Andrew Hargreaves, of Launcells, Cornwall, & Susanna J Hudson (b 1986), younger daughter of Mr Philip Mark Gurney Hudson, of Pewsey, Wiltshire, by his wife the former Lady Jane Catherine Leslie-Melville (b 1956), daughter of the late 14th Earl of Leven & (13th) of Melville.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sir Henry Pigott, 5th Baronet 1925-2017

_. Sir Henry Pigott, 5th Baronet, died at his home near Ringwood, Hamshire, 6 August, 2017. He was 92.

Berkeley Henry Sebastian Pigott was born 24 June, 1925, son of Sir Berkeley Pigott, 4th Baronet, by his wife the former Christabel Charlotte Bowden-Smith; succeeded to the baronetcy on his father's demise, 1982; married 4 Sept, 1954, Jean Olive, daughter of John William Balls, by whom he had issue, two sons and a daughter.

He is succeeded in the baronetcy by his elder son, David John Berkeley Pigott, who was born 16 August, 1955.


2nd Baron Gladwyn 1930-2017

_. The 2nd Baron Gladwyn died 15 Aug, 2017. He was 87.

Miles Alvery Gladwyn Jebb was born 3 March, 1930, the only son of the 1st Baron, by his wife the former Cynthia Noble, scion of the baronets of that name.

Miles Jebb was a writer, and was formerly with British Airways. He succeeded his father in the peerage, 24 Oct, 1996. He was unmarried, and the peerage, created in 1960, now becomes extinct.


11th Duke of Beaufort 1928-2017

_. The 11th Duke of Beaufort died at his home at Badminton House, Gloucestershire, 16 August, 2017. He was aged 89.

David Robert Somerset was born 23 February, 1928, son of Capt Henry Robert Somers Fitzroy de Vere Somerset, DSO (1898-1965), by his wife the former Bettine Margaret Malcolm (who d 1973). He was a sixth cousin of Queen Elizabeth II in their descent from the 3rd Duke of Devonshire.

David Somerset was President of the British Horse Society between 1988 and 1990 and was chairman of Marlborough Fine Art. He ranked as 581st in the 2008 Sunday Times Rich List, with an estimated wealth of £135m in land.

He succeeded his to the dukedom on the demise of his second cousin, the 10th Duke, 5 February, 1984, and inherited the magnificent Badminton House, home of the annual Badminton Horse Trials.

The 11th Duke married firstly, 5 July, 1950, Lady Caroline Jane Thynne (d 22 Apr, 1995), daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bath; married 2ndly, 2 June, 2000, Miranda Elizabeth Morley, dau of Brig Michael Frederick Morley, MBE.

The duke is survived by his second wife and four children from his first marriage, three sons and a daughter. The dukedom now passes to His Grace's eldest son, Henry John Fitzroy Somerset, styled Marquess of Worcester, who was born 22 May, 1952.

The funeral took place on the Badminton estate, on Friday 25 August, 2017. TRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were present, and HRH The Princess Royal was represented by Brig Andrew Parker Bowles.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Henrietta Isobel Alexandra Maybanks (b 2017)

The Hon Sophia Maybanks (nee Sidney, born 1983), wife of Charles Edward Maybanks (b 1981), gave birth to a daughter, Henrietta Isobel Alexandra, 21 July, 2017.

Charles Edward (b 1981, reg Q1 Bury St Edmunds) s of John C MAYBANKS (d __) and Susan N BURLETON. He m 2014 Hon Sophia Jacqueline Mary (b 1983) only d of 2nd Viscount DE L'ISLE MBE (b 1945) and Isobel Tresyllian (b 1950, reg Q1 London) d of Sir Edmund Gerald COMPTON GCB KBE (1906-94) and Betty Tresyllian CBE (1912-87, from a Quaker carpet-making family from Kidderminster) d of Hakewill Tresyllian WILLIAMS DL JP (c1867-1929) of Churchill Court, Kidderminster and (Eleanor) Esme (d 1967) d of Andrew Coventry MAITLAND MAKGILL CRICHTON (1845-1925), scion of the Scots gentry family of that Ilk, and Katherine Charlotte (d 1941) d of Sir Edward HULSE 5th Bt.

Martha Iris Molly Graham (b 2017)

__. Olivia Hope Graham (b 1985, nee Warburton) wife of Edward Richard Graham (b 1985), scion of the Graham baronets, gave birth to a daughter, Martha Iris Molly, 7 Aug, 2017.

Edward Richard Graham (b 1985) s of (Jeremy) Richard GRAHAM (b 1949, hp to his brother Sir James Bellingham GRAHAM 11th Bt of Norton Conyers) and Judith E A L McCann (b c1952 reg Q1 Yorkshire) d of Gerard Leo McCANN (1920-94). He m 2013 Olivia Hope (b 1985) d of (Frederick) William WARBURTON (b 1953, s of Lt-Col Frederick W WARBURTON of Budleigh Salterton, Devon and Maureen M LOMAS) and Victoria Serena BENNETT (b 1957, d of Michael BENNETT (1924-85), scion of the BENNETT Bts and Janet Hazel Margaret (Tufty) (b 1929), d of Brig-Gen Edward James TODHUNTER TD DL JP (1900-76), sometime head of that gentry family formerly of Kingsmoor House, and Agnes Mary SWIRE (1900-75), scion of that gentry family of Hillingdon House.). Their son Fergus William Richard was b 2015.


Cooper/Bell engagement

_. The engagement was announced 15 Aug, 2017, between Jack W. Cooper, younger son of Mr & Mrs Martin Cooper, of Worcester, & Sophia Amelia Bridget Bell (b 1990), only daughter of Sir John Lowthian Bell, 5th Baronet (b 14 June, 1960), of Ingleby Cross, North Yorkshire, by his wife the former Venetia Mary Frances Perry.


Flora Coleman (b 2017)

_. Charlotte Frances Coleman (nee Caulfeild, b 1984) scion of the Viscounts Charlemont, and wife of Thomas David Bruce Coleman (b 1985), gave birth to a daughter, Flora, 4 July, 2017.

Thomas David Bruce (b 1985, The Times 22 Jan.) s of Bruce R COLEMAN of Harpenden, Hertfordshire, by his 1976 m (reg Q3 Hertfordshire) to (Alexandra Elizabeth) Liz (b c 1952 reg Q1 Derbyshire) d of Graham George ALLEN (1924-76) and Eveleen E J WAITE (b 1927 reg Q4 Glamorganshire). He. m c2016 Charlotte Frances (b 1984) d of James Alexander Toby CAULFEILD (b 1937), scion of the CHARLEMONT viscounts, and Diana Penelope (b c1948 reg Q1 Somerset) d of Col Martin POUND RM and Averil J HARRISON.


Lockie James Ian Hope Henderson & Star Victoria Flora Hope Henderson (b 2017)

__, Jessica Pamela Henderson (nee Naylor-Leyland, b 1987), wife of Charles John Bernard Hope Henderson (b 1984), gave birth to twins, Lockie James Ian Hope & Star Victoria Flora Hope, 5 August, 2017, a brother and sister to Farleigh and Phoenix.

Charles (Charlie) John Bernard Hope (b 1984) s of Ian Ramsay Hope HENDERSON (b 1949), scion of the FARINGDON barons, and Virginia Phyllis Theresa (b 1949) d of Lt-Col John Edward Broke FREEMAN (1913-86), and Lady Winefride Alice FITZALAN HOWARD (1914-2006) d of 15th Duke of NORFOLK (1847-1917) and Lady HERRIES OF TERREGLES in her own right (1877-1945). He m 2013 Jessica Pamela (b 1987) d of Sir Vivyan Edward NAYLOR-LEYLAND 3rd Bt (1924-87) and his 3rd wife Jameina Flora (b 1954, reg Roscrae, subsequently Mrs David Scarisbrick) d of James Freeman REID.


Oliver Richard Jessel 1929-2017

__. Oliver Jessel, who died 21 June, 2017, aged 87, was a great-grandson of the 1st Viscount Bearsted.

He was born 24 Aug, 1929, in New Zealand. His father Dick had been a destroyer captain in the Second World War; his mother Winnie, was a granddaughter of the 1st Viscount Bearsted. Married firstly, 1950, Gloria Holden.


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Waldegrave/Orf marriage

__.The marriage took place, 29 July, 2017, at Dornoch Cathedral, Scotland, between the Hon James (Jamie) Waldegrave, scion of the Earls Waldegrave, son of the Baron Waldegrave of North Hill, PC {life peer}, and the Baroness Waldegrave of North Hill, of Chewton Mendip, Somerset, and Dr Kate M. Orf, daughter of Mr Roger G. Orf, of London, by his wife the former Lisa T. Heffernan.
Jamie Waldegrave, descended from King James II, is a nephew of the 13th Earl Waldegrave.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Arthur Theodore Sonsino (born 2017)

_. Lucia Jane Sonsino (nee Heriot Maitland, born 1981) scion of the Earls of Lauderdale, and wife of William Sonsino, gave birth to a son, Arthur Theodore, 19 June, 2017, a brother for Lily and Ralph.

William Sonsino is the younger son of Mr and Mrs Victor Sonsino, of Ravenstone, Buckinghamshire, and Lucia Sonsino is the eldest daughter of Lewis Dalgleish Heriot Maitland, TD (b. 1943), of Errol Park, Perthshire, by his wife, the former Prudence Jane Norris.

Edward Julius George Boscawen (b 2017)

_. Emilia Boscawen (nee Falcetti) wife of (Evelyn George) William Boscawen (b 1 Oct 1979), scion of the Viscounts Falmouth, gave birth to a son, Edward Julius George, 5 July, 2017, a brother for Evelyn (Evo).

William Boscawen is a son of the Hon Evelyn Arthur Hugh Boscawen (b 13 May 1955), of Cornwall, by his 1st wife the former Lucia Caroline Vivian~Neal {now Mrs Davod Borradaile}, of Dorset, & Emilia is a daughter of Mr & Mrs Fabrizio Falcetti, of Rome.

William Boscawen is the grandson and heir but one to the 9th Viscount Falmouth.


Prescott/Bainton engagement

__. The engagement was announced 30 July, 2017, between James L.B. Prescott, son of Mr & Mrs Stephen Prescott, of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, & Alice Elizabeth V. Bainton (born 1985), scion of the Earls of Sutherland (Peerage of Scotland cr circa 1235), daughter of the late John Vernon Bainton by his wife the former Lady Annabel Elizabeth Hélène Sutherland (b 1952), daughter of the late Charles Noel Janson by his wife the Countess of Sutherland (b 30 Mar 1921), 24th holder of the ancient peerage.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Freeland/Pelly engagement

_. The engagement was announced in July, 2017, between William Robert Freeland (b 1984), son of Mr Richard Freeland, of Toft Monks, Norfolk, by his wife (nee Munro), & Clare Elizabeth Pelly (b 1984), scion of the Pelly baronets, daughter of Mr (John) Henry Patrick Fuller Pelly (b 1953), of Fordcombe, Kent, by his wife the former Susan Elizabeth Briggs.


Briars/Hanbury engagement

_, The engagement was announced 27 July, 2017, between Mr Oliver H. Briars, son of the late Mr Christopher Briars and Mrs Charlotte Briars, of Privett, Hampshire, and Mary S. Hanbury, scion of that landed gentry family, younger daughter of Mr Daniel Thomas Cecil Hanbury (b 1946), of Turvey, Bedfordshire, by his late wife the former Celia M. Toiler.


Hon Robert Beauclerk Loder, CBE 1934-2017

_. The Hon Robert Loder, who died 22 July, 2017, aged 83, was a scion of the Barons Wakehurst.

Robert Beauclerk Loder was born 24 April, 1934, the third son of the 2nd Baron Wakehurst, KG, KCMG (1895-1970), by his wife the former Margaret Tennant, scion of the Barons Glenconner. Educated at Eton. Married 1973, Josette, daughter of Josef Bromovsky, by whom he had issue, three sons.

Robert Loder was sometime Chairman of the Mental Health Foundation and was apptd CBE in 1990.

The funeral will take place at St Mary's Church, Slaugham, West Sussex, Friday 4 Aug 2017.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Lady Antonia Dalrymple 1925-2017

_. The Lady Antonia Dalrymple, who died at the Cluny Lodge Nursing Home, Edinburgh, 15 July, 2017, aged 91, was a scion of the Earls of Galloway, and the widow of Sir Mark Dalrymple, Bt.

She was born Lady Antonia Marian Amy Isabel Stewart, 3 Dec, 1925, daughter of the 12th Earl of Galloway (1892-1978), by his wife the former Philippa Fendall Wendell (who d 1974); married 5 Apr, 1946, Sir (Charles) Mark Dalrymple, 3rd Baronet (1915-71). No issue of the marriage.

The family seat was at Newhailes, Musselburgh, Midlothian.

The funeral takes place at Seafield Crematorium, Edinburgh, Tuesday 1 Aug, 2017.


Friday, July 21, 2017

India Isabel Astor (b 2017)

_. Lohralee Astor (nee Stutz), wife of the Hon William Waldorf Astor (b 1979), gave birth to a daughter, India Isabel, 10 July, 2017, a sister for William (b 2012), Allegra (b 2013), and Conrad (b 2016).

The Hon William Astor is son and heir of the 4th Viscount Astor.


Herbert Charles Heathcoat Amory (b 2017)

__. Rosanna Amy Heathcoat Amory (b 1985), wife of Toby Derick Heathcoat Amory (b 1985), scion of the baronets of that name, gave birth to a son, Herbert Charlres, 21 June, 2017, a brother for Cecily, who was b 2015.

Toby is a son of Capt Charles Heathcoat Amory (1945-2016) by his first wife the former Harmony Joanna Lyell.

Rosanna Heathcoat Amory is a descendant of the Ropner baronets.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hon Ian David Whitemore Chant-Sempill 1951-2017

_. The Hon Ian David Whitemore Chant-Sempill, died at his home in Wiltshire, 6 July, 2017. He was 66.

He was born in 1951 a younger son of Lt-Col Stuart Whitemore Chant-Sempill (1927-91) by his wife The Lady Sempill (1920-95) a peeress in her own right, and holder of a Lordship created in 1489.

He married in 1980, Amanda Dallas (b 1955), daughter of John Anthony Dallas (1919-2003) by his wife Joyce, by whom he had issue, a son Hamish (b 1987), and a daughter, Clementine (b 1985).

The funeral takes place at St John's Church, Sutton  Veny, Friday 20 July, 2017.


Sir Savile Aylmer Burdett, 11th Baronet 1931-2017

_. Sir Savile Burdett, 11th Baronet, died 5 July, 2017. He was 85.
He was born 24 Sept, 1931, and succeeded his father, Sir Henry Burdett, MC, in 1943; married in 1962, June Elizabeth Campbell Rutherford, dau of Dr James Mackay Rutherford, by whom he had issue, a son, Crispin Peter, and a daughter, Felicity Susan. The son, Crispin, who was born 8 Feb, 1967, inherits the baronetcy, which was created by Charles II in 1665.

Percy/Oettingen-Spielberg marriage

_. The marriage took place 15 July, 2017, at Maria Himmelfarht, Chapel, Hirschbrunn, Germany, between Lord Max Ralph Percy [b 26 May, 1990], second son of the 12th Duke of Northumberland  [b 16 Nov, 1956], of Alnwick Castle, Northumberland & the Duchess of Northumberland, & Princess Nora Amelie Claudia Christiana Maria Notgera Oettingen-Spielberg [born at Florida, USA, 10 June, 1990], 3rd daughter of Prince Albrecht Ernst Otto Joseph Maria Notger, Fürst zu Oettingen-Oettingen und Oettingen-Spielberg [b Munich, 7 Feb 1951], by his wife the former Angela Jank [b 20 Oct, 1951].


Thursday, June 22, 2017

The 11th Earl of Darnley 1941-2017

_. The 11th Earl of Darnley died 18 June, 2017. He was aged 75.

Adam Ivo Stuart Bligh was born 8 November, 1941, a son of the 9th Earl of Darnley (1886-1955), by his third wife, the former Rosemary Potter, daughter of Edmund Basil Potter, and succeeded to the peerages on the death of his half-brother, the 10th Earl, 15 June, 1980.

Lord Darnley married 14 Oct, 1965, Susan Elaine Anderson, fourth daughter of Sir Donald Anderson, by his wife the former Margaret Llewellyn, scion of the Llewellyn baronets, by whom he had issue, a son and a daughter.

The son, Ivo Donald Stuart Bligh, styled Lord Clifton, who was born 17 Apr, 1968, succeeds as 12th Earl, 12th Viscount Darnley, 21st Baron Clifton, and 12th Baron Clifton of Rathmore.

A Thanksgiving service is to take place at Hereford Cathedral, on Friday 8 September, 2017.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The 4th Viscount Long, CBE (1929-2017)

_. The 4th Viscount Long, CBE, died 13 June, 2017. He was 88.

Richard Gerard Long was born 30 January, 1929, son of the 3rd Viscount Long (1892-1967), by his wife the former Gwendolyn Hague Cook (d 1959), and succeeded to the peerage (cr 1921) upon the demise of his father, 12 January, 1967.

Lord Long was married three times; (1) 1957 (div 1984) to Margaret Frances, daughter of Ninian Frazer; (2) in 1984 (div 1990), to Mrs Catherine Patricia Mier-Woolf, daughter of Charles Miles-Ede, and (3) in 1990, to Helen Millar Wright Fleming-Gibbons.

Viscount Long leaves a son and a daughter from his first marriage, and another daughter died in a car accident in 1984.

The peerage passes to his only son, the Hon James Richard Long, who was born 31 Dec, 1960.

The funeral takes place at St Mary's Church, Steeple Ashton, Wilts, 29 June, 2017.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Countess Mountbatten of Burma 1924-2017

_. The Countess Mountbatten of Burma, second holder of the peerage, first cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh, died at her home at Mersham, Kent, 13 June, 2017. She was 93.

Countess Mountbatten was the last surviving godparent of the Prince of Wales.

She was born Patricia Edwina Victoria Mountbatten, 14 Feb, 1924, the elder dau of the then Lord Louis Mountbatten, by his wife the former Hon Edwina Ashley. Her father, formerly Prince Louis of Battenberg, took the surname of Mountbatten in 1917, and was later created Viscount, then Earl Mountbatten of Burma, with a special remainder to his daughters, and then to their sons.

Patricia Mountbatten married in 1946, the 7th Baron Brabourne (1924-2005), film producer, by whom she had four sons, and two daughters.

In 1979 she was with her father on the boat at Mullaghmore, in Ireland, when he was assassinated, together with her son, the Hon Nicholas Knatchbull. She was seriously injured herself, and succeeded under the terms of the special remainder as (2nd) Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Viscountess Mountbatten of Burma, and Baroness Romsey, in the Peerage of the UK.

The family honours now devolve upon Her Ladyship's eldest son, Norton Louis Philip Knatchbull, the 8th Baron Brabourne, who was born 8 Oct, 1947.

The funeral takes place at St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, London, on 27 June, 2017, at 3pm. No memorial service will take place.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lady Mary Christina Holborow 1936-2017

_. The Lady Mary Holborow, who died at Ladock, 9 June, 2017, aged 80, was a scion of the Earls of Courtown, and a former Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall.

She served as Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall from 1994 to 2011.

Lady Mary Christina Stopford was born in 1936, a daughter of the 8th Earl of Courtown (1908-75), by his first wife, the former Christina Margaret Cameron; married 1959, Jeremy Jermyn Holborow, OBE, who was High Sheriff of Cornwall in 1977. She leaves issue.

A private funeral is followed by a Memorial Service at Truro Cathedral, Thurs 6th July.


Sir Rodney Touche, 2nd Baronet

-. Sir Rodney Touche, 2nd Baronet, has died at the age of 88.

Rodney Gordon Touche was born 5 Dec, 1928, son of the Rt Hon Sir Cosmo Touche, 1st Bt (1895-1972), by his wife the former Ruby Anne Hume-Purves (1902-89); educ at Marlborough & University College, Oxford; married 1955, Quida Anne (d 2009), dau of Frederick Gerald MacLennan, by whom he had issue. He succeeded to the baronetcy on his father's death, 1972.

The baronetcy (cr 1962), now passes to his only son, Eric MacLennan Touche, who was born 22 Feb, 1960.



Friday, June 09, 2017

Fellowes/Mills engagement

__. The engagement was announced 9 June, 2017, between the Hon Charles Henry Fellowes (born 1986), scion of the Barons De Ramsey, son of the 4th Baron De Ramsey (b 1942) of Abbots Ripton, Cambridgeshire, by his second wife, the former Alison Mary Birkmyre (b 1954), scion of the Birkmyre baronets, & Victoria Louise Mills (born 1987), daughter of Mr Graham A. Mills, of Guildford, Surrey, by his wife the former Jean L. Spence.


Grimston/Wayne marriage

__. The marriage took place, 3 June, 2017, at the Church of St Michael & All Angels, Finmere, between Alexander Rupert Ponsonby Grimston (b 1989), scion of the Barons Grimston of Westbury, yr son of the Maj the Hon Gerald Charles Walter Grimston (b 1953), of Finmere, Oxfordshire, by his wife the former Katherine Kettle, & (Jocelyn) Octavia Wayne (born 1987), daughter of Mr William Wayne, of Stockwell, London, by his wife the former Gillian A. Blyth.


Frederick Percy Atticus Hayhurst [born 2017]

_. Elizabeth Hayhurst (nee Sebag-Montefiore), wife of Capt Mark George M Hayhurst (born 1982), gave birth to a son, Frederick Percy Atticus, 2 June, 2017, a brother for Orlando Henry Laurie, who was born in 2014.

Capt Mark George M (b 1982 reg Q2 Sussex) s of John V HAYHURST (b 1941 reg Q3 Lancashire) of Brighton, Sussex and Mary S E (b 1946 reg Q4 Sussex) d of James M McEWAN and Joyce L M BIGGS. He m c 2010 Elizabeth Anne (b 1982 reg Q3 London) d of Charles Adam Laurie SEBAG-MONTEFIORE (b 1949), scion of that gentry formerly of East Cliff Lodge and of the MAGNUS Bts, by his 1979 m to Pamela Mary Diana TENNANT (b 1953), scion of the GLENCONNER barons etc. Their son Orlando Henry Laurie was b 2014


Thursday, June 08, 2017

Eva Joanie Gordon Lennox (born 2017)

Sarah Caroline Gordon Lennox (b 1977, nee McVittie), wife of Charles Bernard Gordon Lennox (b 1970), scion of the Dukes of Richmond & Gordon, descended from King Charles II, gave birth to a daughter, Eva Joanie, 1 June, 2017, a sister for Archie Clement, who was born 16 March, 2014.

Sarah is a daughter of Lieutenant-Col Malcolm R. McVittie (b 1946), of Berwickshire, by his wife the former Susan Wendy Boissier, scion of that landed family, & Charlie Gordon Lennox is the son of Maj-Gen Bernard Charles GORDON LENNOX CB MBE (b 1932, gt gs of the 7th Duke of RICHMOND, LENNOX & GORDON) and Sally-Rose dau of John Weston WARNER. He m 1st 2000 (div 2006) Susannah Clare dau Glen HASTINGS and of Mrs Philip Stevens, of Brisbane, Australia. No issue. 


2nd Baron Bridges, GCMG 1927-2017

_. The 2nd Baron Bridges, GCMG, who died 27 May, 2017, aged 89, was a diplomat, and sometime British Ambassador to Rome.

Thomas Edward Bridges was born 27 Nov, 1927, the son of the 1st Baron Bridges, KG, GCB, GCVO, MC, PC (1892-1969), who had served as Cabinet Secretary throughout the Second World War, by his wife the former Hon Katharine Farrer, dau of the 2nd Baron Farrer.

Succeeded to the peerage on his father's death, 27 Aug 1969, was ambassador to Rome, 1983-87, and was elected to the House of Lords in 1999.

Lord Bridges married 1 Sept 1953, Rachel Mary Bunbury, dau of Sir Henry Bunbury, KCB, by whom he had issue.

His son, the Hon Mark Bridges, who was born 25 July, 1954, now succeeds as third holder of the peerage.

Funeral at St Bartholemew's Church, Orford, Suffolk, 20 June, 2017.


Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Lady Angela Mary Whiteley 1931-2017

_. The Lady Angela Whiteley, who died 29 May, 2017, aged 86, was a scion of the Earls of Guilford (Peerage of GB, cr 1752).

Angela Mary Whiteley was born 28 May, 1931, second daughter of Francis George North, styled Baron North (1902-40), by his wife the former Joan Louise Burrell, scion of the Burrell baronets, and was a granddaughter of the 8th Earl of Guilford. Her brother succeeded as 9th Earl of Guilford in 1949, and a year later she was granted by Royal Licence the rank and precedence of the daughter of an earl.

Lady Angela married 18 July, 1955, Peter John Henry Whiteley (who d 2015), by whom she had issue.

Service of Thanksgiving at St Mary's Church, Battersea, SW11, 27 June, 2017.


10th Baron Braybrooke 1932-2017

__. The 10th Baron Braybrooke (Peerage of GB cr 1788), died  5 June, 2017. He was 85.

Robin Henry Charles Neville was born 29 January, 1932, son of the 9th Baron Braybrooke (1897-1990) by his first wife, the former Muriel Evelyn Manning (d 1962), dau of William Charles Manning; succeeded to the peerage on his father's death, 12 Feb, 1990; married firstly, 1955 (div 1974), Robin Helen Brockhoff, daughter of Thomas Adolph Brockhoff, of Sydney, NSW; married 2ndly, 1974 (div 1988), Linda Norman, daughter of Arthur Norman, of Saffron Walden; married thirdly, 1998, Mrs Perina Fordham (nee Courtauld, scion of that landed family).

Lord Braybrooke  had eight daughters, five from his first marriage, and three from his second marriage. The second daughter from his first union, the Hon Caroline Neville, is Countess of Derby, wife of the 19th Earl of Derby. Another daughter from the first marriage predeceased him.

Lord Braybrooke is succeeded in the family honours by a third cousin twice removed, Richard Ralph Neville, who was born in 1977.

Memorial Service at St Mary's Church, Saffron Walden, Essex, Friday 21 July, 2017.


3rd Baron Cullen of Ashbourne 1916-2016

_. The 3rd Baron Cullen of Ashbourne (Peerage of the UK, cr 1920). died in Canada, 5December, 2016. He was 100.

Edmund Willoughby Marsham Cokayne was born 18 May, 1916, a son of the 1st Baron Cullen of Ashbourne, KBE (1864-1932), by his wife the former Grace Margaret Marsham (scion of the Earls of Romney); Fl Lt, RAF, &c.

Succeeded as 3rd Baron upon his elder brother's death, 17 Dec, 2000.

Married 1943, Janet, daughter of William Douglas Watson. No issue.

The peerage now devolves upon his Lordship's nephew, Michael John Cokayne, who was born 28 Nov1950.


Sir David William Perceval Cooke, 12th Baronet 1935-2017

_.Sir David Cooke, 12th Baronet, died 13 May, 2017, aged 82.

David William Perceval Cooke was born 28 April, 1935, and succeeded to the baronetcy on the demise of his father, Sir Charles, in 1978; married 1959, Margaret Frances Skinner (who d 2013), by whom he had issue, three daughters.

The baronetcy, created in 1661, now passes to his kinsman Anthony Edmund Cooke-Yarborough, who was born in 1956.


Monday, June 05, 2017

Methuen-Campbell/Fellowes engagement

__. The engagement was announced in May, 2017, between Thomas Rice Mansel Methuen-Campbell [b 1977], scion of the Barons Methuen, son of the late Mr Christopher Paul Mansel Methuen-Campbell by his second wife, the former Judith Anne Crowther, of Penrice, Gower & Catherine Margaret Jane Fellowes [b 1977], scion of that landed family and descended from the Viscounts Hampden, daughter of Thomas William Fellowes [b 1945], of Barking, Suffolk, by his second wife, the former Rosamund Isabelle van Cutsem, scion of that landed family.

Thomas Methuen-Campbell is the half-brother of Lord Methuen.


Lady Fiona Mary Hannon [1932-2017]

--. The Lady Fiona Mary Hannon [nee Graham], who died 21 May, 2017, aged 85, was a scion of the Dukes of Montrose.

She was born 1 Jan 1932, daughter of the 7th Duke of Montrose [1907-92] by his first wife the former Isobel Veronica Sellar [1908-90]; married 1966, Peter Alexander O'Brien Hannon [1927-2017], son of the Ven. Arthur Gordon Hannon, by whom she had issue.

The funeral took place at St Katharine's Church, Holt, 1 June, 2017.


Killearn/Reay marriage

__. The marriage took place on 3 June, 2017, at St George's Church, Morebath, between Victor Miles George Aldous Lampson, 3rd Baron Killearn [b 9 Sept 1941], widower, son of the late 1st Baron Killearn, GCMG, CB, MVO, MC [1880-1964], by his second wife, the former Jacqueline Castellani, & Victoria Isabella, Lady Reay, second wife, and widow, of the 14th Lord Reay, and daughter of the 1st Baron Bruntisfield, by his second wife the former Tania Kolin.


Friday, June 02, 2017

Gina Fratini 1931-2017

__. Gina Fratini, the British fashion designer whose unashamedly romantic gowns were much loved by the Royal Family and celebrities, died 25 May, 2017. She was 85.

She was born at Kobe, Japan, 22 Sept 1931, as Georgina Caroline Eve Butler, scion of the Earls of Carrick, daughter of the Hon Somerset Butler, CIE (1903-62), by his wife the former Barbara Jacomb-Hood; married 1stly, 1954, David Goldberg; married 2ndly, Renato Fratini, and thirdly, 1969, James Allan Short [the actor, Jimmy Logan] - all three marriages were dissolved; a later partner was the actor/singer Anthony Newley, who died in 1997. No children.


Thursday, June 01, 2017

Cienna Freya Finch (b 2017)

__. The Lady Natasha Rose Eleanor Finch (nee Rufus Isaacs) born 1983, wife of (Charles) Rupert H. Finch (b 1978), and daughter of the 4th Marquess of Reading, gave birth to a daughter, Cienna Freya, 26 May, 2017, a sister for Georgia Liberty Andrena, who was b 24 Feb, 2015.

Rupert is the only son of John H. Finch, by his wife the former Prudence C.L. Schulman, & Lady Natasha is the yr daughter of the 4th Marquess of Reading (b 18 May 1942) by his wife the former Melinda Victoria Dewar.


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The 2nd Baron Wigram, MC, DL 1915-2017

_. Lieutenant-Colonel the Lord Wigram, MC, DL, 2nd baron, died at his home in Cirencester, 23 May, 2017. He was in his 102nd year.

Lord Wigram served King George V as a Page of Honour, 1925-32, Lieut-Col Grenadier Guards in WW2 (MC), Commanded the 1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards, 1955-56, &c.

George Neville Clive Wigram was born 2 Aug 1915, the son of the then Clive Wigram, assistant private secretary to HM King George V, by his wife the former Nora Mary Chamberlain (d 1956).

His father (1873-1960) was briefly Private Secretary to King George V 1935-Jan 1936, and was raised to the peerage as Baron Wigram, 25 June, 1935. The 1st Baron was also extra equerry & private secretary to King Edward VIII, and a Lord in Waiting to King George VI and to Queen Elizabeth II.

Neville Wigram succeeded his father, 3 Sept, 1960; he married 19 Jul 1941, Margaret Helen Thorne (d 1986), a granddaughter of the 2nd Baron Penrhyn, daughter of Gen Sir Augustus Thorne, by whom he had issue, a son and two daughters.

The peerage devolves upon his son, Maj The Hon Andrew Francis Clive Wigram, MVO (b 18 Mar 1949), sometime Extra Equerry to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

The funeral takes place at the Church of St Michael & All Angels, Poulton, Cirencester, Friday 23 June, 2017.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Carnegie/Crosbie Dawson engagement

_. The engagement was announced 26 May, 2017, between James D. Carnegie, youngest son of Mr Robert Carnegie and Mrs Anne Walsh, both of Bedfordshire, & Helen Amanda Crosbie Dawson (born 1989), younger daughter of Thomas Crosbie Dawson (descended from the Sutton baronets), by his wife the former Hon Katherine Jane Joicey (b 1959), daughter of the 4th Baron Joicey (1925-93).


Alice Beale 1918-2017

_. Alice Beale, who died 23 May, 2017, aged 99, was a scion of the Barons Vestey (Peerage of the UK, cr 1922).

She was the former Alice Vestey, born in 1918, daughter of the Hon George Vestey (1884-1968), by his wife the former Florence May Webster (d 1964), and was a granddaughter of the 1st Baron Vestey.

She married firstly, 1939, Flying Officer William Ernest Legard, RAF, scion of the Legard baronets, who was killed in action in 1940; married 2ndly, 1943, Col Basil Perry Beale, OBE, MC, DL (who d. 1967), and had issue from both marriages.

The funeral takes place at St Peter's Church, Southrop, Gloucestershire, 2 June, 2017.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hon Fiona Mary Allen (nee Fraser) 1941-2017

__. The Hon Fiona Mary Allen, who died 20 April, 2017, aged 75, was a scion of the Lords Lovat.

She was born Fiona Mary Fraser, 6 July, 1941, elder daughter of the 15th Lord Lovat, DSO, MC (1911-95), the famous World War II commando, who led his troops ashore on Sword Beach on D-Day, by his wife the former Rosamond Delves Broughton, scion of the baronets of that name; married 1982, Robin Richard Allen, a Financial Times journalist. No issue of the marriage. Her husband died in 2011.


3rd Baron Wraxall, KCVO, CMG 1929-2017

__. The 3rd Baron Wraxall, KCVO, CMG, diplomat, died 17 May, 2017. He was 87.

Lord Wraxall was Vice Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, 1982-86.

Eustace Hubert Beilby Gibbs was born 3 July, 1929, a younger son of the 1st Baron Wraxall (1873-1931) by his second wife, the former Hon Ursula Mary Lawley (1888-1979), a daughter of the 6th Baron Wenlock; married firstly, 1957, Evelyn Veronica Scott (1935-2003), by whom he had issue, three sons and two daughters; married secondly, 2006, Mrs Caroline Mary Feilden, dau of Sir Henry Burder. He succeeded as 3rd Baron Wraxall on the death of his elder brother, 19 July, 2001.

Lord Wraxall is succeeded in the family honours by his eldest son, the Hon Antony Hubert Gibbs, who was born 19 Aug, 1958.



Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Margaret Viscountess Thurso (died 2017)

__. Margaret Viscountess Thurso, who has died at her home in Thurso, aged 98, was the widow of the 2nd Viscount Thurso (1922-95).

She was the former Margaret Beaumont Robertson, daughter of Colonel Josiah Robertson, DSO, MBE, of Norwood, Wick, Caithness, and married (1) Lt Guy Brokensha, RN, DSC, & (2) 14 Feb, 1952, Robin Macdonald Sinclair, who succeeded his father, 15 June, 1970, as 2nd Viscount Thurso. Her husband died in June, 1995.

The funeral takes place at Thurso West Church, Thursday 25 May, 2017.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Hon Grizelda Jane Grimond (1942-2017)

_. The Hon Grizelda Grimond, who has died aged 75, was a daughter of the former Liberal party leader Jo Grimond, later life peer as Lord Grimond, PC.

She was born in 1942, the only daughter of Jo Grimond (d 1993), by his wife the former Laura Bonham Carter, scion of that landed family. From a relationship with the film and stage director Tony Richardson she leaves a daughter, Katherine, who was born in 1973.

Grizelda's brother, John Grimond, married Roberta Fleming, scion of that landed family of Nettlebed, daughter of Peter Fleming and the great actress Dame Celia Johnson.

The funeral takes place at St Bartholemew's Church, Nettlebed, Oxon, 25 May, 2017.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Simon Malcolm Constable-Maxwell-Scott (1939-2017)

_. Simon Malcolm Maxwell-Scott, who died 14 May, 2017, aged 78, was a scion of the Lords Herries of Terregles, and a cousin of the late Duchess of Norfolk.

He was born in 1939, son of Herbert Francis Joseph Constable-Maxwell-Scott (1891-1962), by his wife the former Eileen Josephine Smail; married in 1962, Moyne Gore, by whom he had issue. He is survived by Mrs Maxwell-Scott and three daughters, Amanda, Fiona and Joanna.

Requiem Mass takes place at Ampleforth Abbey, 1 June, 2017.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Susan Lady Lawson-Tancred (1934-2017)

_. Susan Lady Lawson-Tancred, who died 14 May, 2017, aged 83, was the second wife, and widow, of Sir Henry Lawson-Tancred, 10th Baronet (1924-2010), and was a scion of the Cayley baronets.

She was born Susan Dorothy Marie Gabrielle Cayley, 19 March, 1934, second of the seven daughters of Sir Kenelm Cayley, 10th Baronet (1896-1967), by his wife the former Frances Elizabeth Edwyna Brewis; and married 1stly, 17 Sept, 1955, Maldwin Andrew Cyril Drummond (1932-2017), scion of the Earls of Perth, from whom she was divorced. Her second marriage was to Sir Henry Lawson-Tancred, 10th Bt, who died 28 March, 2010.

Her former husband died on 18 Feb, 2017. From her first marriage she leaves two daughters, Frederica and Annabella.

The funeral takes place at All Saints' Church, Brompton-by-Sawdon, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, 22 May, 2017.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Baron Thomas of Swynnerton (1931-2017)

__. The Baron Thomas of Swynnerton, who has died aged 85, was an acclaimed historian of the Hispanic world and one of the salon success stories of Margaret Thatcher’s years in office when he served as chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS); yet the unyielding principles that had commended him to her eventually led to a parting of the ways as the Conservative Party embarked on a period of internecine strife over Europe, says the Daily Telegraph.

Hugh Swynnerton THOMAS was s of Hugh Whitelegge THOMAS CMG (1887-1960) and Margery Augusta Angelo SWYNNERTON (1894-2000). He m Hon Vanessa Mary JEBB (b 1931) d of 1st Baron GLADWYN GCMG GCVO CB (1900-96) and Cynthia (1898-1990, d of Sir Saxon William Armstrong NOBLE 3rd Bt (1863-1942)), and had two sons and a dau. He was cr a LP 1981 as Baron THOMAS OF SWYNNERTON, of Notting Hill in Greater London.

Caspar Joseph Hungerford Pollen (b 2017)

__. Candida Pollen (nee Langdon, b 1984), wife of Andrew Francis Pollen (b 1982), scion of the Pollen baronets, gave birth to a son, Caspar Joseph Hungerford, 29 Apr, 2017.

Andrew Francis Pollen (b 1982) is 2nd s Sir Richard John Hungerford POLLEN 8th Bt (b 1946) and Christianne Mary (b Sept 1951, reg Surrey) d of Sir William Godfrey AGNEW KCVO CB (1913-95, sometime Clerk to the Privy Council) and Ruth Mary MOORE (1918-62), scion of that Irish gentry family of Mooresfort, co Tipperary, and gd of 9th Earl of DENBIGH.

He m 2014 Candida Clare (b 1984 reg Q1 Surrey) d of John Richard Darbey LANGDON (b c1946 reg Q1 Surrey) of Petworth, Sussex, and Clarissa Anne (b 1949 reg Q4 Kensington) d of (Arthur) Timothy SHERSTON (1916-77) of Petworth, West Sussex and Felicity M F DIGBY (b 1923).


Wilfred Sonny Richmond-Watson (b 2017)

_. Laura Mary Richmond-Watson (nee Innes, b 1987), wife of Mark William Richmond-Watson (b 1987), gave birth to a son, Wilfred Sonny, 1 May, 2017.
Mark Richmond-Watson (b 1987 reg Q3 London) s of Colin Woodrow RICHMOND-WATSON (b 1951), scion of that gentry family of Brightwell Park, by his 1984 m (reg Q3 Worcestershire) to Penelope J (b 1957), d of Robin Norman CADBURY JP (b 1925), scion of that gentry family of Northfield, and Rosemary Jayne d of H Kenneth EASTON of Warwickshire.
He m 2015 Laura Mary (b 1987) d of Peter David INNES (b 1952), scion of the WESTBURY barons, and Carolyn Ann Darley (b 1956 reg Q2 Oxfordshire) d of Julian BLACKWELL of Appleton, Oxfordshire and Jocelyn D WYKEHAM

Baron Soulsby of Swaffham Priory (died 2017)

__. The Baron Soulsby of Swaffham Priory, who died 8 May, 2017, aged 90, was sometime veterinary surgeon to the Queen's Household.

He was s of William George Lawson SOULSBY (1897-1973) and Agnes Mabel (1910-78) d of Sam HOLLIDAY (1879-1947) and Rose MOTH (1878-1950).

He m 1st 1950 Margaret D MACDONALD and had a son and a dau.

He m 2nd 1962 Georgina Elizabeth Annette (1930-2014) d of John Whitmore WILLIAMS and Ethel F M LINES.


Henry Tempest (1924-2017)

_. Henry Tempest, who died from kidney failure, 6 May, 2017, aged 93, was head of that ancient Catholic dynasty, seated at Broughton Hall, near Skipton, North Yorkshire.

He was born in 1924, the second son of Col Roger Stephen TEMPEST CMG DSO (1876-1948), sometime head of the gentry family of that name of Broughton Hall, and Valerie Arthur GLOVER (1889-1978).

He succ as head and to the estate on the death of his elder brother, Stephen Tempest, in 1970. He m 1957 Janet Evelyn Mary (b 1930 reg Q2 Hertford) d of Harold LONGTON and Evelyn R WEST, and had 2 sons and 3  daus.

His elder son, Roger Henry (b 1963) succeeds him as family head, and has run the estate since 1988. Roger Tempest m 1991 (reg Q1 North Yorkshire) Sara Catherine (Kitty) (b 1963 reg Q3 Lancashire) d of Richard Coulthurst NORTH (1932-76) and his former wife Susan Hare (later Lady Kimber, wife of Sir Timothy Kimber 4th Bt (d 2012)) d of J K BROOKS of Hillcrest, Silverdale, Lancashire.


Nicholas John Fitzherbert-Brockholes (1933-2017)

_. Nicholas John Fitzherbert-Brockholes, who died 6 May, 2017, aged 83, was a scion of that landed family.

He was s of Cuthbert FITZHERBERT-BROCKHOLES (1899-1975), scion of the gentry family of that name of Claughton, and Barbara Maria Manuela SCROPE, scion of the gentry family of that name of Danby. He m Theresia (Terez) Maria (b 1941, *see note below) d of Gyula Julius Maria Anton Joseph, Graf SZAPARY, and Adele, Grafin HADIK VON FUTAK and had a son, Henry (journalist) and a dau.

(*Countess Terez and HRH Princess Michael of Kent are 4th cousins through their common descent from Joseph Szapáry (1754-1822)). 


John Vestey (1929-2017)

_. John (Johnny) Vestey, who died 10 May, 2017, was a scion of the Vestey baronets, a grandson of the 1st bart.

He was born in 1929, a son of William Vestey (1902-71), by his wife the former Ursula Frances Bowring Skimming; married 1958 (div 1977) Felicity Gay Crawford; married 2ndly, Christl. He leaves five daughters from his first union.


Florence Anne Windsor-Clive (b 2017)

__. Elizabeth Windsor-Clive (nee Watson), wife of the Hon Frederick John Richard Windsor-Clive, scion of the Earls of Plymouth, gave birth to a daughter, Florence Anne, 22 Apr, 2017.

Frederick is the second son of Viscount Windsor (heir to the earldom) , and he married in 2014, Elizabeth Sophie Watson, dau of Peter WATSON of Tregarne Mill, St Keverne, Cornwall.


Duff Gordon/Griffiths engagement

 _. The engagement was announced 13 May, 2017, between Frederick Samuel Douglas Duff Gordon (b 1981), scion of the Duff Gordon baronets, son of Sir Andrew Duff Gordon, 8th Baronet (b 1933), by his second wife the former Eveline (Evie) Virginia Soames (b 1947), & Charlotte Victoria Griffiths (born 1984), only daughter of Nigel Griffiths, by his wife the former Fiona Malcolm.


Rusted/Rigby engagement

__. The engagement was announced 13 May 2017, between Jamie Rusted (b 1989), elder son of Ian G Rusted (b 1949), of Cambridge, by his wife the former Linda J Howard, & Eloise Jennifer Rigby (b 1989), dau of Capt Martin Paul RIGBY (b 1955 reg Q4 Surrey, s of John J RIGBY and Teresa KEANE) and his former w Jennifer Mary CHETWYND-TALBOT (b 1958), scion of the SHREWSBURY & WATERFORD earls.


Anthony David Arnold William Forbes, MBE (1938-2017)

_. Anthony David Arnold William Forbes, MBE, who has died, was a step-son of the 6th Marquess of Exeter, and scion of the Forbes of Callandar landed family.

He was born in 1938, son of Lt-Col. David Forbes (1907-43), by his wife the former Diana Mary Henderson (1911-82), scion of the Barons Faringdon. His mother later married, as his second wife, the 6th Marquess of Exeter (he d. 1981).

Anthony Forbes married 1stly1962 (div 1973) Virginia June (b 1941) d of Sir Leonard ROPNER 1st Bt (1895-1977) and Esme ROBERTSON (1909-96), and had a son and a dau. He m 2nd 1973 (as her 2nd husband) Belinda Mary (b 1937) d of Sir Hardman Alexander Mort EARLE 5th Bt (1902-79) and Maie DRAGE (1906-86).


Primrose (Rosie) Stirling (d 2017)

_. Primrose (Rosie) Stirling, who died 9 May, 2017, was the second wife, and widow, of William Henry Stirling (1926-82).

She was a daughter of Maj William Francis Butler, 13th/18th Royal Hussars, and married William Stirling in 1968.There were two daughters of the marriage, Alice Camilla (1975-2013), and Laura Caroline (b 1979). Her husband, who died 25 Dec, 1982, aged 56, was a son of Brig James Stirling (d 1968), by his wife the former Evelyn Alice Beatrix Cavendish,  a granddaughter maternally of the 9th Duke of Leeds.

A Service of Thanksgiving takes place at St Mary's Church, Chieveley, Wednesday 24 May, 2017.


Rev Nicholas David Stacey [d 2017]

_. The Rev Nicholas David Stacey, who died 8 May, 2017, was a son-in-law of the late 2nd Viscount Bridgeman.

He was a son of David Henry Stacey (1901-86), of Knaphill Manor, Chobham, Surrey, by his wife the former Isobel Part (1900-980, & married in 1955, the Hon Anne Caroline Mary Bridgeman (1932-2016), dau of the 2nd Viscount Bridgeman, &c.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sir John Whitmore, 2nd Baronet 1937-2017

_. Sir John Whitmore, 2nd Baronet [cr UK 1954], died 28 April, 2017.
He was born 16 Oct, 1937, the son of Sir Francis Whitmore, 1st Baronet, KCB, CMG (1872-1962), by his wife the former Ellis Christense Johnsen, and succeeded to the baronetcy on his father's demise. 12 June, 1962; married 1stly, 2 Nov, 1962 [div 1969] , Ella Gunilla, daughter of Direktor Sven A. Hansson, of Sweden; married 2ndly, 1977, Diana Becchetti. He leaves a daughter, Tina, from the first marriage, and a son, Jason, from the second marriage, who was born 26 January, 1983, and is unm. The son succeeds as third baronet.



Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eliza Sahara Rose Meysey-Thompson (b 2017)

_. Lucy Meysey-Thompson (nee Asplin), wife of James Leo Charles Meysey-Thompson (b 1979), descended from the Meysey-Thompson Baronets (cr 1874), gave birth to a daughter, Eliza Sahara Rose, 1 May, 2017, a sister for Kit & Xander.

James Meysey-Thompson is a son of the late Mark Kennedy Meysey-Thompson (1949-87) by his wife the former Catherine Diana Jane Herdman-Newton (now Mrs Rupert Nickols) and stepson of Mr Rupert Nickols, of Spellow Hill, North Yorkshire, and Lucy Meysey-Thomspon is a daughter of the late Mr A.J.B. Asplin and of Mrs Asplin, of Kilrenny, Fife.

Sir Harry Stephen Meysey-Thompson, 1st Bt (1809-74) = Elizabeth Croft
(Croft Bt)
Arthur Herbert Meysey-Thompson (1852-1950) =Horatia Williamson
(Williamson Bt)
Sylvia Dorothy Meysey-Thompson (d 1968) = Capt Aubrey Leo Kennedy
(Ailsa, M)
Elizabeth Dorothy Kennedy (b 9 August 1922) = (1) Charles Russell-
Mark Kennedy Russell-Scarr (who assumed by deed poll, 1978) the
surname of Meysey-Thompson
(1949-87) =Catherine Herdman-Newton
James Leo Charles Meysey-Thompson
(b 1979)


Warrilow-Wilson/Bridgeman engagement

_. The engagement was announced 8 May, 2017, between Dr Philip Warrilow-Wilson, elder son of Mr & Mrs Simon Wilson, of Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, & the Lady Alicia Rose Bridgeman (b 1990), daughter of the 7th Earl of Bradford (b 1947), of Weston Park, Shropshire, by his first wife the former Joanne Elizabeth Miller (now Mrs Philip Porter,Hungerford, Berks).


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Toby Grafftey-Smith (1970-2017)

_. Toby Grafftey-Smith, who died 11 April, 2017, aged 46, was a founder member of the British funk and acid jazz band, Jamiroquai.
He was born 29 Oct, 1970, a son of John J (Jinx) Grafftey-Smith, by his wife the former Lucy Fletcher, and married he married Gabriella Diana Crewe-Read (b 1974), daughter of David Offley Crewe-Read (b. 1944), by his wife Lisa, and is a granddaughter of Colonel John Offley Crewe-Read who married in 1940, the Hon. Diana Mary Wroughton (b. 1920), dau of the 1st (and last) Baron Robins (who d. 1962).  Toby Grafftey-Smith is survived by his wife and three children, Anastasia, Dylan and Rose.


Lucy Rose Fitzalan Howard (b 2017)

_. Caroline E. Fitzalan Howard (nee Taylor), wife of Edward Michael Fitzalan Howard (b 1979), scion of the Dukes of Norfolk, gave birth to a daughter, Lucy Rose, 24 April, 2017, a sister for Ella and Camilla.

Edward is the son of Colonel Thomas Fitzalan Howard, of North Elmham, Norfolk, by his 1st wife the former Penelope Jan Walters (now Mrs Jeremy Jones, of Low Marishes, North Yorkshire), and Caroline is a daughter of Mr Andrew Taylor, of Binham, Norfolk, and Mrs Anne Taylor, of Foulsham, Norfolk.

Edward is a grandson of the late Maj-Gen Lord Michael Fitzalan Howard (1916-2007), and a great-nephew of the 17th Duke of Norfolk, KG (1915-2002).


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hanover/de Osma engagement

_. The engagement has been announced in April, 2017, between HRH Prince Christian Heinrich Clemens Paul Frank Peter Welf Ernst-Wilhelm Friedrich Franz of Hanover, Prince of Gt Britain & Ireland (b 1 June, 1985), second son of HRH Prince Ernst August of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Luneberg, Prince of Gt Britain & Ireland [b 26 Feb, 1954], by his first wife the former Chantal Hochuli [b 2 Jun 1955], & Alessandra de Osma (b circa 1991).

Prince Ernst August (b 1954) is a male line descendant of King George III, and is head of the Royal House of Hanover and in whom is vested the right to petition for the restoration of the Dukedom of Cumberland and Teviotdale [created in 1799, and suspended under the terms of the Titles Deprivations Act, 1917].


Stella Isabel Dinah Tollemache (b 2017)

Sophie Tollemache (nee Johnstone, b 1981), wife of the Hon Edward John Hugo Tollemache (b 12 May 1976), scion of the Barons Tollemache, gave birth to a daughter, Stella Isabel Dinah, 21 April, 2017, a sister for Ralph & Theo.

Edward Tollemache is the eldest son of the 5th Baron Tollemache (Peerage of the UK, cr 1876), and he served as a Page of Honour to HM The Queen, 1988-90.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stamp Godfrey Brooksbank 1922-2017

__. Stamp Godfrey Brooksbank, who died 13 April, 2017, aged 94, was a scion of that landed family, and was grandfather of Princess Eugenie of York's boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank.

He was born 14 Apr, 1922, son of Lt-Col Edward York Brooksbank (1889-1935), by his wife the former Hazel Thomas (d 1968); married firstly, Cecilia Dorothy Coke, scion of the Earls of Leicester, by whom he had two sons, David, and George; married 2ndly, Pauline _______.

He died on the day before his 95th birthday. Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugenie's long-term boyfriend, is a son of George Brooksbank.


Earl of Yarmouth/Kelsey Wells

__. The engagement was announced 20 Apr, 2017, between William Francis Seymour, styled Earl of Yarmouth (b 2 Nov, 1993), elder son and heir of the 9th Marquess of Hertford (b 6 Jul 1958), of Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, by his wife the former Beatriz Karam, & Kelsey Wells, daughter of Dr Andrew Wells and Mrs Jacqui Wells, of Avonview, Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Robert Christopher John Barwick Ward 1942-2017

_. Robert Christopher John Barwick Ward, who died 10 April, 2017, aged 74, was a scion of the Earls of Dudley.

He was born 25 Aug 1942, son of Lt-Col. the Hon Roderick Ward (1902-52), by his second wife the former Valerie Maud Skelton, an actress. His parents divorced in 1947, and his mother married Sir Richard Barwick, 3rd Baronet, and on Feb 5 1952 Robert assumed the additional surname of Barwick by deed poll.

He married firstly, 2 March, 1968 (div 1974), Frances Pauline, daughter of Sq Leader Mathieu Einhorn. His former wife, in 1975, married Dr Keith Hampson, MP, and died as the result of an accident later that year; he married secondly, in 1976 (div. 1985), Laura Madeleine Sutcliffe, daughter of Henry Sutcliffe. He leaves a daughter from each marriage, Annabel (born in 1970), and Lucinda (born in 1980).

His home was at Langthorpe Manor, Langthorpe, Boroughbridge, and latterly at Baldersby, Thirsk.

A Memorial Service will be held at Ripon Cathedral, Tuesday  May 2.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Baron Niclas Silfverschiöld (died 2017)

.__The Swedish Royal Court has announced that Baron Niclas Silfverschiöld, the husband of Princess Désirée of Sweden, died, April 11, 2017. He was 82 years old.
Princess Désirée is one of the older sisters of King Carl XVI Gustav.  The couple married in June 1964 and have three children – Otto (1965), Christina-Louise (1966) and Hélène (1968) – and several grandchildren.
Princess Désirée is several times a descendant of Queen Victoria - from Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught & Strathearn and from Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany.

Jack Stirling Garvey (b 2017)

_. Rachael Atlanta Stirling (b 30 May, 1977), actress, partner of Guy Edward John Garvey (b 6 May, 1974), musician, and scion of Stirling of Keir, and descended from the Earls of Darnley, has given birth to a son, Jack Stirling Garvey.

Rachael Stirling is the daughter of Archibald Hugh Stirling of Keir (b 18 Sept, 1941), by his former wife the actress Dame Diana Rigg, DBE (b 20 July, 1938).


The Baroness Hambro (d 2017)

__. The Baroness Hambro, who died 27 March, 2017, aged 84, was the widow of the Baron Hambro, life peer, a member of the eponymous banking dynasty, who died in 2002.

She was the former Cherry Felicity Huggins, daughter of Sir John Huggins, GCMG, MC (1891-1971), Capt General and Governor in Chief of Jamaica, by his first wife the former Molly Green; married in 1976, as his second wife, Charles Eric Alexander Hambro (b 24 July, 1930), son of the late Sir Charles Hambro, KBE, MC, by his wife the former Pamela Cobbold. Her husband was created a life peer in 1994, and died in Nov 2002, aged 72.

The funeral is at Christchurch, Eldon Rd, London W8, 3 May, 2017.


Lady Herries of Terregles, DCVO 1940-2017

_. The Lady Herries of Terregles, DCVO, fifteenth holder of the Peerage of Scotland (cr 1489/90) died at her home 7 April, 2017. She was 76.

Lady Herries served Princess Alexandra the Hon Lady Ogilvy as Lady-in-Waiting for 53 years.

She was born Lady Mary Katherine Fitzalan Howard, 14 August, 1940, the second daughter of the 16th Duke of Norfolk, KG, GCVO, GBE (1908-75), by his wife Lavinia, Duchess of Norfolk, LG (d 10 Dec 1995), daughter of the 3rd Baron Belper.

Lady Mary was appointed a Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Alexandra in 1964; appointed CVO in 1982, and advanced to DCVO in 1995.

She married in 1986, Group Capt Anthony Mumford, CVO, OBE (deceased). No issue of the marriage.

Lady Mary succeeded her elder sister, Anne, in the Lordship of Herries of Terregles, 23 Nov, 2014.

The peerage now passes to her younger sister, Jane, born  24 June, 1945, and wife since 1975 of the 13th Marquis of Lothian.

A private funeral will be followed by a Thanksgiving Service at the Cathedral Church of Our Lady and St Philip Howard, Arundel, West Sussex, 14 Aug, 2017, on what would have her 77th birthday. A memorial service is also planned for Scotland at a later date.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Margaret Annora Mary de Wend Fenton 1931-2017

_. Margaret de Went Fenton, who died 1 April, 2017, aged 85, was chatelaine of Ebberston Hall, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, and a scion of the extinct Earls Beauchamp.
She was born Margaret Annora Mary Lygon in 1931, daughter of Reginald Arthur Lygon (1904-76), by his wife the former Agnes Mary Louise Bell (1903-69), and married in 1955, Michael Richard West De Wend Fenton (1927-2002), of Ebberston Hall, one of the nation's smallest country houses. She was the mother of two sons and two daughters.
The funeral service and burial takes place at St Mary's Church, Ebbertson, 10 Apr, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017

Ralli/Tham engagement

__. The engagement was announced 31 March, 2017, between Philip Neil David Ralli (born 31 March, 1983), scion of the Ralli baronets (Bt, UK, cr 1912), son and heir of Sir David Ralli, 4th Baronet (b 5 Apr, 1946), of Panworth Hall,  Ashill, Norfolk, by his wife the former Jacqueline Cecilia Smith, & Miss Shannon Tham, daughter of Mr & Mrs Ang Kwong Tham, of Singapore.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

[Charles] James Buchanan-Jardine 1946-2017

_. [Charles] James Buchanan-Jardine, who died at his home in France, 22 March, 2017, aged 70, was a scion of the Buchanan-Jardine baronets [Bt, UK, cr 1885].

He was born 30 April, 1946, the second son of Sir John William Buchanan-Jardine, 3rd Baronet [1900-69], by his second wife the former Prudence Aubrey Haggie; educated at Stowe and Trinity College, Cambridge. Married firstly, 9 Sept, 1967 [div.] the Lady Susan Ankaret Howard, yr daughter of the 11th Earl of Carlisle; married 2ndly, 1978, Irmgarde Margarethe, dau of Maj Rudolf Bormann, and had issue by both marriages.


Baillie/de Cabarrus marriage

_. The marriage took place Saturday 25 March, 2017, in the private chapel of Alnwick Castle, between Alexander Simon .G. Baillie [b 1982], son of Mr Richard Simon Baillie, by his wife the former Margaret Mary Lucy Hope, scion of the Earls of Hopetoun, and Diana Marie de Cabarrus (born 1977),  younger daughter of Count Pierre de Cabarrus, and Lady Caroline Mary de Cabarrus (nee Percy, born 1947), daughter of the late 10th Duke of Northumberland, KG.



Sunday, March 26, 2017

Priestley/Deacon marriage

__. The marriage took place, 25 March, 2017, at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace, between Adam Alexander Priestley (b 1980), son of Commander Michael Priestley, RN, by his wife the former Linda Shade, & Rebecca Anne Deacon (b 1982), daughter of the late Major Michael John Deacon (1947-86), by his wife the Rev Selina Deacon (nee Trousdell).

The bride serves HRH The Duchess of Cambridge as private secretary, and is to leave her post in the summer of 2017, after 10 years of service to William and Kate.

Deacon is a cousin of The Duke of Cambridge, albeit distantly. Rebecca is William's 7th cousin ~ both have lines of descent from the 4th Duke of Gordon.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Sam Browne (b 2017)

_. Victoria Browne (born 1980, nee Howard-Vyse), scion of the Howard-Vyse landed family, of Langton, North Yorkshire, wife of Charlie Browne, gave birth to a son, Sam, 12 March, 2017, at Bury St Edmunds, a brother for Wilbur, who was born 29 March, 2013, and for Emily, who was born 30 Apr, 2015.

Charlie Browne is a son of Mr & Mrs Peter Browne, of Flempton, Suffolk, and Victoria (Vicky) is the daughter of Lt-Col John Cecil Howard-Vyse (b 1947), of Burneston, North Yorks, by his wife the former Jennifer Anne Collin.


Sonia Lady Fairfax of Cameron 1927-2017

_. Sonia Lady Fairfax of Cameron, who died 22 March, 2017, was the widow of the 13th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, and was a former Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth II.

She was born in London in 1927, the second daughter of Capt Cecil Bernard Gunston, MC [1885-1934], by his wife the former Lady Doris Gwendoline Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, eldest daughter of the 2nd Marquess of Dufferin & Ava; married 17 Apr, 1951, Thomas Brian McKelvie Fairfax, 13th Lord Fairfax of Cameron (1923-1964) [Peerage of Scotland, cr 1627], who died aged 40, 8 April, 1964.

Lady Fairfax  served Her Majesty the Queen as Lady of the Bedchamber [temporary] 1967-71.

She was the mother of three sons, Nicholas, Hugh and Rupert, and a daughter, Serena. The eldest son is the 14th Lord Fairfax of Cameron.

A Requiem Mass is to take place at Douai Abbey, Berkshire, Thursday 6 April, 2017.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Duke of Westminster/Harriet Tomlinson

_. The Duke of Westminster, billionaire godfather of Prince George of Cambridge, is reported to have found love with a former classmate, Chester-born Harriet Tomlinson.

The 7th Duke of Westminster [b 29 January, 1991], is the only son of the late 6th Duke of Westminster, KG, OBE [1951-2016] by his wife the former Natalia Ayesha Phillips [b 1959]  a descendant of the Royal House of Romanov, a daughter of Lt-Col Harold Pedro Joseph Phillips, by his wife the former Georgina Wernher, scion of the now extinct Wernher baronets. Georgina's grandfather was HIH Grand Duke Michael of Russia.

The 6th Duke of Westminster, KG, OBE, died suddenly from a heart attack, at Preston, Lancashire, 9 Aug, 2016. He was 64.

The 7th duke is also Marquess of Westminster, Earl Grosvenor, Viscount Belgrave and Baron Grosvenor, and a baronet.

Harriet Montgomery Taylor Tomlinson was born in Chester in 1990 - and like the duke is 26 - she is the elder daughter of Mr Grahame Montgomery Tomlinson by his second wife the former Louise A. Taylor.

Harriet has three older half-siblings, sisters Sarah and Annabel, and a half-brother, Paul.


Rear-Admiral Sir Nigel Cecil KBE, CB [1925-2017]

_. Rear-Admiral Sir (Oswald) Nigel Amherst Cecil, KBE, CB, died 10 March, 2017. He was 91.
Sir Nigel was b in 1925, a scion of the Barons Amherst of Hackney, and was descended from the 3rd Marquess of Exeter. He was a son of the Hon Henry Mitford Amherst Cecil [1893-1962] by his wife the Hon Yvonne Cornwallis [1896-1983], daughter of the 1st Baron Cornwallis; married 1961, Annette [b 1934], dau of Maj Robert Edward Barclay [1906-59] by his wife the former Nesta Anne Bury-Barry, by whom he had issue.
A Service of Thanksgiving took place at Holy Trinity, South Wonston, 22 March, 2017.

Twiston-Davies/Langham engagement

_. The engagement was announced 18 March, 2017, between Benedict Anthony Francis Twiston-Davies [b 1978], scion of that landed gentry family, eldest son of David James Twiston Davies [b 1945], by his wife the former Margaret Anne [Rita] Montgomery, & Helen Elizabeth Langham [b 1980], daughter of David J Langham, by his wife the former Susan E Parkin.



George Wahlberg Scott [b 2017]

_. Emily Helen Wahlberg Scott [nee Thompson], wife of Arthur Jervoise Trafford Scott [b 1984], scion of the Scott of Rotherfield baronets, gave birth to a son, George Wahlberg, 1 Feb, 2017, a brother for Wilfred Jervoise Scott, who was b 3 Dec, 2014.

Arthur Scott is the son and heir of Sir James Scott, 3rd Bt.


Ann Barlow Wilson [d 2017]

-. Ann Barlow Wilson [nee Lithgow], who died 4 March, 2017, was a scion of the Lithgow baronets, daughter of Sir James Lithgow, 1st Baronet [1883-1952], by his wife the former Gwendolyn Amy Harrison [1897-1975]; married 1952, [William] Simon Wilson, and had issue.


Burnett/Daukes engagement

__. The engagement was announced 21 March, 2017, between the Hon George Arthur Burnett [b 1979], son of the life peer Baron Burnett [b 1945], by his wife the former Elizabeth Sherwood de la Mare, & Rose-Anna Daukes [b 1981], daughter of Brigadier Clendon Daukes [b 1945], by his wife the former Camilla de Courcy Trasenster, scion of that landed family.

Sandilands/McNulty engagement

_. The engagement was announced 22 March, 2017, between Christopher Francis Sandilands [ b 1986], scion of that landed gentry family, descended from the Dukes of Norfolk, son of the late James Sebastian Sandilands [1944-91],  by his wife the former Gabrielle Mellich [b 1952], of Fulham, London, & Lucy J. McNulty, daughter of Dr David and Martina McNulty, of Richmond, Surrey.

Buchanan/Gibbs engagement

_. The engagement was announced 22 March, 2017, between Michael D.J. Buchanan, eldest son of Mrs D.C. Buchanan, of Chelsea, London, & Amelia Emma Gibbs [b 1982], descended from the Crawley-Boevey baronets, daughter of Peter Noel Houldsworth Gibbs [b 1948] of Fingest Grove, Buckinghamshire, by his wife the former Clare Viney [b 1951].

Fulford/Melville engagement

_. The engagement was announced 22 March, 2017, between Francis Arthur Fulford [b 1993], scion of that landed family, of Fulford, son of Francis C. Fulford [b 1952], by his wife the former [Diana] Kishanda Tulloch, and Sally E. Melville, daughter of Mr & Mrs Thomas Melville, of Lenox, Massachuetts, United States.



__. The engagement was announced 23 March, 2017, between Robin Moore S. Kennedy [b 1976], son of Mr & Mrs John Kennedy, of South Warnborough, Hampshire, & Katherine Rose [Katie] Crichton-Stuart [b 1979], scion of the Marquesses of Bute [Marquess, GB, cr 1796], daughter of [Patrick] James Crichton-Stuart [b 1954], of Bembridge, Isle of Wight, by his first wife the former Amanda Mary Howell Williams.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Voelcker/Brandram wedding

__The engagement marriage took place, 11th February, 2017, at the Church of the Holy Trinity & St Thomas of Canterbury, Ettington, Warwickshire, between Humphrey Walter Voelcker (b 1980), son of Mr Peter P. Voelcker, of Fowey, Cornwall, by his wife the former Alison Van D. Edwards,  and Sophie Eila Brandram (b 23 Jan 1981), scion of that landed family, & descended from the Royal House of Greece & Denmark, elder daughter of (Richard) Paul George Andrew Brandram (b 1 Apr 1948), of London, by his former 1st wife the former Jennifer Diane Steele (b 1951, now Mrs Robert Enslow, also of London).
Sophie Brandram's paternal grandmother was HRH Princess Katherine of Greece & Denmark (1913-2007), who married Richard Campbell Brandram (1911-94) and became (by courtesy of King George VI)  'Lady Katherine Brandram'. 


Major The Hon Peter Charles Baillie [1927-2017]

_. Major The Hon Peter Charles Baillie, who died 15 March, 2017, aged 89, was a scion of the Barons Burton [Peerage of the UK, cr 1897].

Peter Burton was born 26 June, 1927, the second son of Brigadier the Hon George Evan Michael Baillie, MC [1894-1941], by his wife the former Lady Maud Cavendish, CBE, eldest daughter of the 9th Duke of Devonshire.

Educated at Eton; Major, The Life Guards; JP for Hampshire, &c.

He married 15 Nov 1955, Jennifer Priscilla (deceased), younger daughter of Harold Reginald Newgass, QC, by whom he had issue, four daughters, Catriona, Elizabeth, Susan and Rachel.

Funeral service at St John The Baptist Church, Boldre, Lymington, Hants, Friday 31 March, 2017.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sir Brian Ohlson, 3rd Baronet (1936-2017)

_. Sir Brian Ohlson, 3rd Baronet, died 19 March, 2017. He was 80.

Money broker Brian Eric Christopher Ohlson was born 27 July, 1936, son of Sir James Ohlson, 2nd Baronet (1911-83), by his wife the former Marjorie Joan Roosemale-Cocq; educated at Harrow and RMA; late Lieutenant, Coldstream Guards. Succeeded to the baronetcy on the death of his father, 1983; unmarried.

He is succeeded in the baronetcy by his younger brother, Peter Michael Ohlson, who was born 18 May, 1939.

The funeral is at Mortlake Crematorium, Richmond, Thursday 30 March, 2017.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Baroness Charteris of Amisfield 1919-2017

_. The Baroness Charteris of Amisfield, who died 14 March, 2017, was the widow of the Baron Charteris of Amisfield, GCB, GCVO, QSO, OBE, PC, who, as the Hon Sir Martin Charteris, was the private secretary to Queen Elizabeth II, 1972-77.

She was born 3 May, 1919 as Mary Gay Hobart Margesson, daughter of Henry Margesson, MP [later 1st Viscount Margesson] 1890-1965, by his wife the former Frances Leggett; married 16 Dec, 1944, the Hon Martin Charteris, a younger brother of the 12th Earl of Wemyss & March.

Her husband was Private Secretary to the Queen (when Princess Elizabeth) 1950-52, Assistant private secretary 1952-72, private secretary and keeper of the Queen's archives 1972-77, an extra equerry to the Queen 1956, a permanent Llord in Waiting to Her Majesty 1978-99, &c.

She was widowed 23 Dec, 1999. Lady Charteris leaves issue, a daughter (Francesca) Mary, and two sons, Andrew and Harold.

The funeral takes place at St Peter's Church, Stanway, 3 April, 2017.


Lord Rafe FitzRoy (born 2017)

The Duchess of Grafton (nee Olivia Margaret Sladen, b 1978), wife of Henry Oliver Charles FitzRoy, 12th Duke of Grafton (b 6 Apr, 1978) (Peerage of England, cr 1675), of Euston Hall, Thetford, Norfolk, gave birth to a third child, a son, Lord Rafe Fitzroy, 16 March, 2017, a brother for Alfred, Earl of Euston & for Lady Rosetta Fitzroy.

 The Duchess of Grafton is a daughter of Simon Hogarth Sladen (b 1943), and Mrs Sladen, and a granddaughter of Edward Carew Sladen (1914-44), and a great-granddaughter of Brig-Gen Sir Gerald Carew Sladen, by his wife the former Mabel Ursula Orr Ewing, dau of Sir Archibald Orr Ewing, 3rd Baronet.

The Duke of Grafton is the son of the late James Oliver Charles FitzRoy, styled Earl of Euston (1947-2009), by his wife the former Lady Clare Amabel Margaret Kerr (b 1951), daughter of the 12th Marquess of Lothian (1922-2004).

The Duke succeeded to the family honours on the death of his grandfather, the 11th Duke, 7 Apr, 2011.